A new release? Why, yes! Yes indeed!

Here I am, almost two years since the last post, writing during a global pandemic, and patting myself on the back for managing to write a book three years after the last time I published and…then releasing it in the middle of said global pandemic.

Hey, I never said I was good at marketing. Or timing, for that matter.

But I have, indeed, written a spinoff of The Bellator Saga. For Caroline’s beloved bestie, Christine. And it releases tomorrow, April 14! Can you believe it? Maybe that means I’ll actually have posts for two consecutive days. WordPress will probably think I’ve been hacked or something.

Here’s the synopsis, for those who may be inclined to read such things. Older woman! Younger man! Tiramisu! Gnome jokes! Scene stealing doggo! And also, yanno, the fallout that comes from not properly handling your grief from a traumatic event that you never fully reckoned with and also finding the strength to love again.

Christine Sullivan isn’t an easy person to love. She knows how the world sees her – aloof, standoffish, cold…perhaps even bitchy. After a lifetime in politics, including a stint with an expat government in exile, President Sullivan has taken her share of body blows, but now she’s back in Philadelphia…a widow, a recovering Republican, a former public servant seeking a quiet, private existence.

On her to-do list – rebuild her relationship with her estranged daughter and invent the rest of her life. She has her best friend Caroline, her brand spanking new condo, and her ever frustrating Secret Service detail to keep her company. That should be enough for anyone, right?

Until Alexander Guardiola comes along… liberal, emotionally unguarded, younger. A lot younger. Everything Christine isn’t. And isn’t ready for.

But opposites attract, don’t they? And hearts and minds can always be changed…

This is a standalone spinoff in the Bellator Saga series that takes place after the events of Bellator Saga #1-6.

Content Warning: grief, psychological and physical trauma, death

With all of that said, I will of course tell you to GO OUT AND BUY CHRISSY’S BOOK BECAUSE AWESOMESAUCE, and will provide you with a wee teaser below. Don’t say I never gave you anything.




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