Hiatus? Career Change? Who Knows?

Welp, it’s been a while. A long while. The reasons behind that are myriad and complicated and I won’t go into them too much here but, obviously, Election 2016 had a tremendous effect on my priorities and my decisions going forward. I finished The Bellator Saga not realizing that as the days passed, it would come closer and closer to metafiction. Such was not my intent. I meant it as a warning, not as some sort of Nostradamus prophecy.


Yet, here we are. My politics are (to no one’s surprise, I assume) closely aligned with that of my heroine, Caroline Gerard. Thus I have made my choices accordingly. After working briefly for a teacher’s union in San Antonio in 2017-18, I recently took a job as a union lawyer representing federal employees. It is unbelievably fulfilling but, of course, time consuming.


I’ve been doing more reading than writing lately. I write when the muse calls me, and she’s not really been too keen on dialing my number lately. But that doesn’t mean I’m not doing vital work, work that may well inspire me to put pen to paper again in the near future. I never rule anything out; I’ve made adjustments in my life before and I fully expect to make them again. I will say, however, that the best place to keep up with me is on Twitter (@authorclondon), where I livetweet my favorite bonkers classic romances, or with “real me” on Facebook (feel free to tweet at me or drop me an email and I’ll send you a friend request). But for now, Cecilia has been absorbed into lawyer/activist/author me, a decision I do not regret. My books remain for sale and my inbox remains open to anyone who wishes to contact me. In the meantime, raise your voices. Raise money. Raise hell. Do whatever you can to ensure that this nation becomes that beacon of hope that Caroline Gerard believes it to be. Peace out, homies. I’ll be around, but probably not around here, LOL!


Much love,



2 thoughts on “Hiatus? Career Change? Who Knows?

  1. Oh wow. I have been at a loss on why one of my favourite authors had done an MIA from the writing world until finally, I typed “where is Cecilia London”… and here we are. This post, and knowing that you chose to step back into activism, is inspiring. As to life imitating art, well, who would have guessed that such a period would become reality. Stay strong and best of luck.
    Sincerely, Bibi Johnson


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